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cropped-tyulogo2018_ig4x4.jpgWe are photographers first. Back in 2012, Boz and I were student photographers; both shooting a great deal; both gravitating towards a journalistic style. Beginning photography had us in the studio, learning lights, poses, and make-up and that was fun for the time being; things have changed.

As we grew, our focus reached for becoming adventure photographers. With a blended family of our own to get to and from all our wheres and regular hectic jobs and schedules, adventure photography would remain “ideal.”

One day, we sat at our dinner table to think about what matters most to us; how we could utilize our commonality to work together–photography persisted. We thought a bit more and our importance honed in on that precise moment, and then the next. Our photography name came to us: Pictoglyphs.

1. Similiar to petroglyphs, where art is carved into the sides of rock walls, telling stories of people and how they lived; Pictoglyphs tell stories through acts of purposely imprinting experiences within the psyche throughout our lifetime. The imprints are where our energy returns. It’s focused-based, placing emphasis on connections between people, thoroughly confirmed when participants, later share the similar acts of connections that were shared with them. Pictoglyphs is a purposeful way of living, archived in real time utilizing photography, creative connection,  and educational tones of onward sharing.

For us, it represents archiving our time and imprinting our experiences along the way. Our photoshoots became thoroughly purposeful and the logo now represents more than the branding on our commercial photography. Pictoglyphs has become a foundation of thought we apply to all our business collaborations and family tribal times.

At home, we started teaching the girls how to cook; no longer would I just do it because we didn’t have the time for the children to make a mess. “Tribal Tuesdays” in our house, delegated half of us to plan our meal and the other half would help clean afterward. Each Tribal Time, the roles switched. We began learning more with our kids than the old way of doing things and we had just as much help cleaning the mess as making the mess. That single Tribal Tuesday, etched out of the busy week, became Tribal Times, a revered togetherness every day.

We looked down at our food collaboration and knew our blended family would grow together by investing our energy in such a way. Our meals became too good… a Two Yumms Up experience because food consumption is a completely different experience when it is simultaneously learned, created together, and shared with each other. Imprints were experienced and now we can keep doing this on purpose. Becoming adventure photographers became possible with Two Yumms Up, as there are many adventures to be shared within the tribal experience of food gathering, food challenges, and the creation process.

Years later, good things are happening while Pictoglyphs collaborates with Two Yumms Up to create an extension of LOVE BEAMS.

Urban living can be overstimulating at times… and then under-stimulating in other instances. Time is an issue; it’s always running ahead whether we are ready or not. The aging process is an issue too. Before we know it, the kids are grown and we have worked straight through those extra-curricular activities.

Instead of being overstimulated by urban living, we can take our precious commodity of time back and focus on what there is to learn from each other. We can create these adventures on our way. We can welcome transition by creating a reason to look forward to it and together we can imprint experiences worth repeating. 

Two Yumms Up is in the business of promoting connections by generating handcrafted care packages, dishy foodie challenges, and handy woodcraft culinary tools.  

Thank you for indulging with us! We’re setting up shop… NOW.

<3 Boz & Bella





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