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The Imprint is Where Your Energy Returns


The Imprint is Where Your Energy Returns to Visit

November 5, 2017

Written By Bella Bloom

Our tribe of 6  lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. How ever did we end up in Hartland, Vermont? The first draw to this area is IT IS LUSH WITH NATURE. The second draw to this area is the Cornish Fair located in New Hampshire. We can write a separate piece just on the Cornish Fair soon, but what takes us back thousands of miles away from our current home is my husband’s playful temperament.

Boz grew up in the Boston area. Every year his parents would haul their Bosworth family to New Hampshire. Once they arrived, the boys would start clearing the land again from all the growth that occurred in their absence. Boz mentions happenings such as chopping wood and mowing the fields, walking the creek and riding snowmobiles.



Hauling us all the way back to New Hampshire was the equivalent to going to Oz. The land was GREEN–seriously green. So much so, as we spoke to each other, I could see the color reflecting onto our skin tones; even the air appeared saturated with nutrients. I wouldn’t dare fix that appearance of the experience in Photoshop for the sake of having a color corrected photo, not this time.


The images included here are from our joint revisit. As we walked the land behind our leader, we understood real quick, the main event was his childhood. During our walk, we lifted rocks and seemingly dead branches. Wee li’l frogs, fuzzy caterpillars, and orange salamanders peeked from their wheres.

I imagined 30 years prior, three rowdy boys would be racing small paper boats down the temperamental current. I imagined mud fights in the summer and snowball fights, laced with rocks, during the winter. I was still able to hear the whoop and hollers, the antagonistic dialogue between the girls and the boys throughout their chores. The Bosworth family was a party of nine, three boys and four girls.

Can you hear them now?

Providing for a family of nine altogether is a trick. A resounding HIGH FIVE Mr. & Mrs. Bosworth and surely an ecstatic THANK YOU for the tortellini ritual that began decades ago. Our Bloom Tribe now benefits from those sacred times.

Two hours into our own adventure, we reached the end of the path. A clear field of grass and scalloped hedges stood with a great amount of detail. The current owners of the property appear to live vibrantly different in the space provided.  While I was seeing and experiencing my husband’s childhood for the first time, I have to admit I was disappointed at the end of the trail to see a perfectly manicured yard and a massive home positioned across this land.


Sometime between Boz graduating high school and military career, his parents sold the pastime stomping grounds.

Just a block past the old Bosworth land, the Cornish Fair proceeds without us. Our AirBNB destination awaits our arrival. Once arriving at our accommodations, there was plenty to explore again. Weaving Dreams Farm is located at 220 Rice Road, Hartland, VT.AlpacaBarn


First, we rang the bell at the entrance to announce our arrival. Then, our first question was, “Can we pet the alpacas!?” The answer was “Yes” and our tribe was able to take another subtle time out to visit with several alpacas congregating to meet us. Lucky for us, apple trees were sprawled across the farm;  we had plenty to feed them.

Friendships start young.


The entire trip was enriching, filled with intermittent quiet moments of discovery. Sure my girls were complaining about the bugs trying to eat them the whole time, but for the first time in their preteen years, they felt mud the way it is supposed to feel; they grappled with mini frogs; they congregated with personable alpacas; they walked land that was molded by generations of children before them; and they encountered people who prompted conversations for no other reason, other than to converse with another.

The oldest daughter prefers to be seen… but not~ I still see her smile.

I’m going to reach and say we were full before we ever reached the Cornish Fair; completely enriched through our purposeful time and attention spent on imprinting a childhood we were never able to experience in real time, but in our own time.


It’s worth going back to those places in which our energy is imprinted and it’s worth sharing our places with our favorite people. I’m going to stake claim to being my husband’s favorite now. Admittedly, our photos aren’t enough. We must go back and do it again; and if you get your own chance to get back to New Hampshire, adventure to the Cornish Fair or stay at Weaving Dreams Farm. Until then, our energy lives in these photos and Happy Adventure Time wherever you go!

Hartland Field2015
The last glimpse of Weaving Dreams Farm, Hartland, VT.

The last goody is here: Giacella meets a night crawler. ;D



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